Rafsanjan Birth Cohort

Study team

Study team:

  1. International Advisory Committee
  2. Steering Committee
  3. Executive Committee
  4. Working groups
  5. Rafsanjan Birth cohort team

Study team in details:

1. International Advisory Committee:


Advising the Direction Committee on strategies, identifying knowledge gaps and research priorities, and evaluating the progress of the project


International world-leading scientist covering different aspects of this multidisciplinary project

2. Steering Committee:


Setting strategies and priorities, looking for funding opportunities, and coordinating common follow-up protocols


Project director, two PIs from each PERSIAN birth cohort center, up to two representatives from the PERSIAN cohort, plus other cohort researchers with essential roles in the PERSIAN birth cohort

3. Executive Committee:


Day-to-day management of the project, approval of publications, approval of external collaborations, approval of the proposals for sub-studies, preparation of common follow-up protocols, coordination of working groups


Project co-director, two PIs from each PERSIAN birth cohort center, two representatives from the PERSIAN cohort

4. Working groups:


Harmonisation of data and analysis issues in each area of research, developing ideas for new studies, reference for central data manager, assistance in developing common protocols for new follow-ups


Cohort researchers interested in one of the main cohort research topics

  • Nuerodevelopment
  • Genomix
  • Occupational health
  • etc

Rafsanjan Birth cohort team

Dr. Hamid Ostad Ebrahimi

Position: Deputy Education

 Dr. Ali Esmaeli Nadimi

Position: President of the University of Medical Sciences

Academic Position:  Professor

Deputy Education (PI of Rafsanjan cohort)

 Dr. Hamid Hakimi

.Education: MD. Ph.D

Field of study: Microbiology

Dr. Fariba Amin zadeh


Dr. Azadeh Manshori