Rafsanjan Birth Cohort

Rafsanjan city

Rafsanjan city is situated in the southeast of Iran and in the northwest of Kerman Province. In the 2016 census, there were 287,921 people in Rafsanjan city. According to Koppen Climate Classification, Rafsanjan is semi-desert and has cold desert climate (BWk).. Fars/Persian is the major ethnic group of Rafsanjan population. However, there are different lifestyles, socioeconomic levels and occupational and environmental exposures. Center of pistachio cultivation is Rafsanjan, Iran.

The Rafsanjan Cohort Study (RCS) is one of the 18 geographically areas of the PERSIAN Cohort Study (PCS). RCS plan to recruit a total of 10,000 pregnant women and their husbands aged 35–70 years. RCS will follow the children from birth to 15 years of age and a reassessment will be conducted every 5 years in a subsample.